Engine and other random parts for sale

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Oct 1, 2016
Engine and other random parts for sale


I have an engine for sale.

Pretty sure it has a blown head gasket but I have not taken the head off to inspect anything.

It is missing some valve train components, one rocker arm and some shims were used on the engine that is in my car now.

I just need it gone so ask questions and make me an offer. :)

I will update this thread with other parts I have to get rid of in the near future once I take an inventory of what I have.




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Oct 15, 2016

Can you tell us more about the engine?

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Oct 1, 2016

Update: The engine has been dismantled.

Complete parts list as follows:

1x Cylinder head with cams (2 rockers and some shims missing)

4x Pistons

1x Crank shaft

1x Oil pan

1x Exhaust manifold

1x Catalytic converter

2x Intake/Throttlebody assemblies

1x Intercooler

2x MAF sensors

1x Turbo-MAF pipe

1x ECU reflashed (No rev-limit, don't know what other parameters have been changed)

1x ABS computer

1x Rear differential

1x Driver side front fender

1x Driver side rear pop-out window glass

1x Passenger side rear pop-out window glass\

1x Driver side rear tail light lens (not perfect)

1x Passenger side rear tail light lens (also not perfect)


If anyone is interested in any of these things send me a message and I can give you more details and/or pictures




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London Ontario

Dec 23, 2009

I'll take the crank.  PM me.

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william pusey
san antonio texas

Aug 10, 2017

do you have a fuel rail ?


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Saskatoon, SK

Jul 8, 2009

Don't suppose you have the interior for sale do you?