different NISMO fuel pressure regulators

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Jan 28, 2010
different NISMO fuel pressure regulators

Hi guys, I am about to buy one of the nismo regulators because my car has been very lean these days ... I found a type A for sale for 60$ but I was told that the type B would be better for the gtir as the type A would require a bit of modification ... would any of you know what kind of mods we talking here ?




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Dec 8, 2008

Type A is bolt on to the stock fuel rail. http://www.frsport.com/Nismo-Fuel-Pressure-Regulator-Type-A_p_2238.html

Type B is to be used as a remote FPR setup. You would need a fitting adapter on the fuel rail for this setup. http://www.frsport.com/Nismo-Fuel-Pressure-Regulator-Type-B_p_1078.html

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Cold Lake, Alberta

Sep 14, 2015

Hey folks,

I know this is an old thread, but I couldn't find this anywhere else and wanted to clarify for others looking to do this mod. Yes, type A is a direct bolt on to the stock fuel rail. However, it will NOT work with the stock TMIC unless modifications are done to the FPR outlet tube. For me, I had to carefully bend the tube (DO NOT KINK IT), and cut it off (close to the second ridge), and clamp the hose behind the second ridge, zip-tie the hose down so as to ensure it doesn't rub the underside of the intercooler.