Big brake kit worth it?

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Winnipeg, MB

Mar 21, 2008
Big brake kit worth it?

Hey guys, i've been looking around lots lately about doing a break upgrade. I just daily drive my car.

My question is, is the Fast brakes front kit worth it? I'd just do the 4 piston 11" kit. I have 15 inch Konig rims on and i'm sure its a massive upgrade already anyways, and it will fit under my rims. This kit is $715 usd+ shipping.  This kit I shouldnt have to worry about doing anything with the master cylinder correct?

I also just replaced my rear pads and found that both pistons in the rear are extremely tight and i barely got them turned down enough to get the pads on, so they are at the end of their life. Is it worth it to do an upgrade/swap on the rears, or should i just get the g20 calipers and be done with it? All 4 rotors have seen better days so they need replacing as well. Am I right in thinking the nx2000 front rotors can be swapped on to the front? And as far as rear rotors, I need some other model and have them redrilled 4x100 (sentra spec V?)

Or is there a 4 corner kit that I haven't been able to find yet that just comes with everything and maybe that's the way to go?


Any input is appreciated, thanks!

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London Ontario

Dec 23, 2009

if you daily drive, not worth it.  nx2000 rotors are the same, get a decent pad and they will stop great.  g20 calipers work in the rear on the opposite side.


If you want to go with the upgade I was able to do 11 inch rotors with j30 calipers and pt cruiser turbo rotors with some custom brackets and a few minor modifications.  The thread is on here somewhere.

For the rear brakes:  

1995 maxima 5x114 rear 278mm /aka 10.94" rotor redrilled

RAYBESTOS Part # 96511

or 2004 spec V brembo rear redrilled same rotor size except 4x114 , slightly safer on the redrill pattern 

CENTRIC Part # 12842082R
CENTRIC Part # 12842082L
RAYBESTOS Part # 980308
CENTRIC Part # 12042082

maxima rear caliper brackets, spaces the oem caliper back to the centerline of the car 12mm and further out out 10mm for the 20mm larger disk 40-80$ for caliper brackets
A-1 CARDONE Part # 141506  DORMAN Part # 619503  


Credit to Nick for the rear brakes info.

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Frank Ewald

Oct 23, 2010

I would agree with Lynx. Big brake kits are awesome if you're tracking the car, but for a daily driver it's overkill. I sent you a PM.


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Jun 10, 2012

Get Hawk pads for a eagle talon non-turbo for the front aka hb213, they fit right in.

Upgrading the rear isn't worth it if you are not upgrading the front

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Mar 29, 2008

What year talon

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Really Noneyourbuis

May 11, 2008

I'm just going to say I love my wil wood kit from fast brakes it's been years and they still kill it.

Mine isn't bigger than yours.. I just like to drive

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Ryan Wolfe
Las Vegas, NV

Jul 6, 2016

How can you say it's not worth it? Any brake upgrade over stock is worth doing. The GTi-R has woefully inadequate front brakes for anything but daily driving. Track it once and watch how qucikly you fade them out.


I have the Fastbrakes 11" kit, and I love it. I may end up going to a 2 piece rotor though, for even more fade resistance.  Plus they just look awesome lol