stupid ass leds inside headlight

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Kitchener, ON

Apr 21, 2010

Removing the glass was really stupid easy...the second time.  Remove clips.  Cover plastic shell witha small, wet towel, then wrap with foil leaving glass exposed. Place in oven, glass facing up and bake at 250 F for 5-15 minutes.  Turn on broiler at highest setting for an additional 5 minutes.  While on broil, leave oven door open and constantly monitor the situation.  Carefully remove assembly from oven, and place (glass side down) carefully on a clean dry towel.   Lift the plastic shell and gently pry the glass.  It should fall right out.  Viola!

The power supply is through a small plastic plug that sits up perpendicular to the strip.  I had to pull them all off, de-solder the pins, and then insert the 'tinned' wire lead ends into the teeny-tiny holes and then re-solder.  I think the re-solder operation burn the two leds on the end.

With the glass removed it was and easy matter to glue the strip to the top of the reflector.  I used a 3M two part epoxy with some clips to hold it in place during cure.

I got the lights hooked up and they tested ok.  The two led's on the left end did not light up but I can (could) live with that.  I can just trim the other strip to match.

Here comes the sad part.  I had the bright (no pun intnd) idea to test the other strip i have before I epoxy it on.  My house battery was dead so I used the car.   The plugs have a positive and negative lead and I had two plugs in.  I was thinking that they would not reach from + to - in the car so I used one on each end of the strip. I touched the red to the positive and the black to the chassis and they all lit up.  They are really bright, so bright I instinctively motioned to sheild my eyes.  In doing so the red wire from the one end touched the chassis.  This is the end that is supposed to be negative!  The strip went up like the 1st of July.  All sparky and smokey.   Sigh.  I'm such a dingbat.

Now I have one finished and one ruined.  AND I can't find the source where I bought them from.

Live and learn

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