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Jan 28, 2009

Though the Autobahn88 kit would fit in a stock NISSAN PULSAR GTIR SR20DET [54C] ENGINE bay, the pic above shows how much more room is available in the engine bay with relocation of the battery to the trunk. The relocation also is better for weight transfer in general.
[trunk can be seen at ]
A large w/washer bottle sits on the remaining battery tray, plastic ties and stock fasteners secure the reservoirs. It was learned a LHD usdm Nissan w/w bottle could have been used in the mirror location to stock in our cars. A stealthy sprayer system could be crafted up no doubt.

The addition of a t-fitting bov adapter to the Autobahn88 kit allowed for a great deal of flexibility in location of the BOV. The setup above is vented towards the front of the car; it was changed to be closer to the plenum later and further on will likely be converted to recirculate back bov exhaust to the turbine intake via the stock tubing.
Recirculating the air would result in all the metered air passing through the system and there'd be a bit less rich mixture on blow off, spin up might be faster and operation quieter.
There were some internal modifications to the Greddy Type-RZ BOV itself, if interested check out: The basic problem was a poor vac signal in the plenum vs. using throttle body location to draw vac to make the valve function properly. Check out the comments following the lead photo in my gallery for details.

Below's what my gtir's engine bay looked like when it was purchased.
Basically it's a stock engine with addition of a K&N air filter and with the stock tmic's surrounding shroud removed for better cooling by the previous owner.

[click 'view image' to enlarge pic]
Nick has pointed out that by placing some heat shielding under the intercooler, a lot of the heat sink to the top mounted intercooler can be avoided at low cost while retaining originality.

The stock tmic system has the advantage of being protected from road debris in rally conditions while the fmic allows for more power potential and more protection from detonation.
Any lag from the longer length of tubing was not detected with the fmic; highway performance was noticeably improved imho.

There is a restrictor in the stock system that is important in realizing full boost potential if using the 1-bar loop. Check out the thread in the performance section.
I'm unclear if it will make a difference in recirculation with a blow off valve but for the stock setup it could be missed.

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